Blat - -profile

This parameter is used to list and/or remove "-install" entries in the Registry.

Here is an example of the output of a "blat -profile" command.

Blat v2.2.1 (build : Jan 18 2004 19:21:01)

SMTP: localhost "blat@eMailDomain.tld" 1 25
SMTP: localhost "blat@eMailDomain.tld" 1 25 prof-2
SMTP: localhost "blat@eMailDomain.tld" 1 25 prof-3 ***** *****
Note that the first line is listing the build version and date / time. To not display this, add the -q parameter.

To remove an entry, use "Blat -profile -delete Profile-Name" like this;

blat -profile -delete prof-2