blat -install

-installSMTP is the same as -install, use -installNNTP for NNTP (or news).

This parameter is used to store various parameters in the Windows Regestry so you don't have to specify them on the command line each time. You only need to run it once to populate the Registry.

*If you are going to use -install, these parameters table below are required.

**And these parameters in the table below are optional, but the sequence is not! (+if you want to use a default value, use the "-" character as a place holder);

<server addr> * The SMTP Server you want Blat to connect to for sending eMail.
<sender's email addr> * This is the from address of the message.
<try n times> **+ How many times you would like Blat to try to send to the server before giving up (default=1)
<port> **+ The TCP/IP port the above SMTP Server is listening on (defaults; SMTP=25, NNTP=119)
<profile> **+ The Profile name to associate with this set of parameters stored in the Registry. This allows you to keep multiple configurations.
<username> ** If your server requires authentication, you can store the username here. base64 encoded in the Registry so can not be casually read, however - it is fairly easy to decode base64
<password> ** If your server requires authentication, you can store the password here.