Blat run from Kix32 scripting

:::::::::::: Lets define some variables ::::::::::::
DIM $to, $f, $subject, $server
:::::::::::::: Lets set the variables ::::::::::::::
$to=' -to tim@@blat.tld'
$f=' -f Blat@@Script.Kix'
$msg='"Tim it is @time on @date"'
$server=' -server localhost'
::::::::::::::::: Now we run Blat! :::::::::::::::::
shell "blat - $to $f -subject $msg -body $msg $server -q"
The 2 @@ chars in the eMail addresses, that is how you put an @ in a string
The way to get double quotes in a string is   ' "string" '
The above resolves to the right (all on one line) blat
    -to tim@blat.tld
    -f Blat@Script.Kix
    -subject "Tim it is 21:28:08 on 2003/08/19"
    -body "Tim it is 21:28:08 on 2003/08/19"
    -server localhost